F-cooling gas report and management


Kitchen Manager®  helps all responsible operators with having all paperwork organized according to current legislation through simplifying the accounting process.

Kitchen Manager® creates the cooling gases journal that includes all documents needed according to EU regulations (The new  f-gasförordningen is a revision of the EU regulation (EG) 842/2006 regarding certain greenhouse gases. Since the new f-gasförordningen 517/2014 took effect the 1st of January 2015, the previous regulation 842/2006 was repealed) all companies that are registered as responsible operators are liable to control equipment and report the results. Latest on the 31st of March do all the reports from the previous year have to be sent in to the environmental section of the local administration.

In order to avoid sanctions, you as a registered operator need to:

  • Make sure your cooling equipment is controlled within the correct time intervals by a certified refrigeration mechanic.
  • Yearly reporting to the environmental administration about your cooling gases storage and making sure that it’s reported in time (at the latest the 31st of March)
  • Acknowledging and confirming the content of the report
  • Ensuring that equipment is scraped under controlled circumstances and accounted for with a report to the environmental administration.
  • Contacting the environmental administration before an installment of equipment equalling 14 tonnes or more of CO2

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