Service request and job description



Misunderstandings are now long gone. With our web service you can report malfunctions on your terms. Kitchen Manager ® creates a clear and detailed report with pictures. Eliminating confusion about place, equipment and what the fault is. Management becomes effortless with a coherent picture of the malfunction and access to previous repairs. No unnecessary extra costs for preliminary investigations.


QR Quick-FA

Every equipment in the kitchen gets a QR-code that can be scanned with any smartphone. Making troubleshooting to the right service company even easier.

You just have to scan the QR, authenticate yourself on Kitchen Manager ® with a simple 4 digit code, fill in a report of what’s malfunctioning and send. Done!

Every QR-code application on both Apple Store and Google Play works excellently.


Job Order

A digital job order is created for every time you troubleshoot and includes all information about the technicians work.


Service History

Previously made repairs on your equipment is saved.