Q: Why would I pay to use KM App?

A: Times equals money. You will profit on having all of your information in one place and you will reduce communication errors.


Q: What happens if I have a contract with another service company?

A: It’s not a hindrance. It is better for your company to have an overview from the start; avoiding preliminary visits when something goes wrong.


Q: What happens if I only have new equipment in my kitchen, should I pay for a service that reports malfunctions?

A: You can specify which service company to contact for every equipment during the warranty period. Making sure that the malfunction report goes to the right company.


Q: Can companies doing kitchen equipment service also use KM App?

A: Yes and it’s a big advantage to offer it for your clients. You will have better control ordering spare parts, which saves time and expenses. Have detailed information and a picture for every kitchen equipment to minimize misunderstandings.


Q: We don’t have any computers at work, how do we proceed?

A: You can use KM App on anything that is connected to the internet. Like smartphones and tablets.


Q: How do I use KM App after I’ve connected my kitchen to the web service.

A: We create a database with basic information (specifics, pictures, warranties) on all of your kitchen equipment. You can report a malfunction or a need of maintenance during the day or night.


Q: How do I report a malfunction via KM App?

A: With just a couple of clicks you will send a detailed report with pictures. This will reduce misunderstandings considering the place, machine and what the error is. Earlier repairs are visible to the repairman. You can also use the QR-code on the equipment to save even more time.


Q: What are the biggest advantages with KM App?

A: Minimize the margin of error, have a history on your kitchen equipment and a good overview with statistics. Save time = Save money.